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28 October 2011 @ 03:11 am
Hi everyone!

Ikemen Subbing is slowly getting back on its feet. We'll finish Ghost Friends with a help of Querbeet (yay) and we'll soon have one, maybe two making of releases for you. We also will sub Junjou movie, but it won't be released until January (or something) since our translator is busy.

But, since all our translators are either on hiatus or gone, we need some help to finish whatever we have in our project list. We're looking for fluent Japanese to English guest translators - not members to join Ikemen Subbing. Of course, we'll gladly collaborate more than once.

We'd like to work/finish following projects:

Tokyo Prom Queen (mobile drama) (main translator)
-- Tokuyama Hidenori, Mikami Masashi (D-Boys)...
-- 2hr (can be broken into parts since each ep is 90secs)

Renai Shindan: Unmei no Kodou making of (main translator)
-- Kawai Ryunosuke, Kumai Kouhei
-- 19min

Danjo Gyakuten Yoshiwara Yukaku [movie] (spot translator)
-- Yanagishita Tomo (D-Boys), Kawahara Makoto, Kotani Yoshikazu, Nagai Tomoya...
-- 75min

Rocket Boys (main translator for 4-12, spot translator for 2 & 3)
-- Endo Yuya (D-Boys), Yanagi Kotaro (D-Boys), Yasuda Misako, Seto Koji (D-Boys)...
-- 25min/episode

Vampire Stories - Brothers making of (main translator)
-- Yanagishita Tomo, Kato Kazuki
-- 46min

Oshikiri (spot translator)
-- Tokuyama Hidenori
-- 90min

Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER (main translator for the movie version)
-- Yanagishita Tomo, Suga Kenta, Furukawa Yuta, Izaki Yusuke, Araki Hirofumi (D-Boys)...
-- This one a little later, I need to buy that DVD first...
-- 2hr 30min

If you're interested in helping us, please leave a comment here or PM either me or resie_ness.
23 April 2009 @ 03:25 pm
Straight to the point: Do not by any means re-encode our subbed files. That includes the stupid iPod format.

As an encoder nothing else offends me as much as seeing a file I have encoded being screwed up like that. If someone really wants to have a file in e.g. iPod format he can do it himself. Privately. Don't go around posting re-encoded versions of our subbed files.

If you have such files up, remove them like right now. I know there are a couple of files uploaded, and I'll do some file hunting on weekend.

Thank you.
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10 April 2009 @ 08:35 am
Okay, since we announced we are doing Ghost Friends a whole bunch of people have joined our forum and not said a word or contributed anything. (I feel like a parrot here lol)  It's quite frankly annoying when people join the forum and say nothing or contribute nothing. We have been deleting any account within 48 hours that shows no signs of being used.

Because of this we've now decided that in order to join our team, you need to pm myself or harumi first. There are two ways you can do this.

PM here on lj, resie_ness  or tomokaku  or on d-addicts (Resie or sungie). Joining the forum without contacting either of us will result in immediate deletion of the account you have created.

You won't be able to see anything on our forums till myself or Harumi has activated your account. Tell us what you think you can contribute. (translator, timer etc)

We are no longer recruiting staff for Ghost Friends.

At the moment we are only recruiting for translators for various upcoming projects. Nothing else. We are a small team and would like to keep it that way.

The forum is for staff only.

To check our progress on our projects, you can check our fansubwiki or go to this post .

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08 December 2008 @ 08:39 pm
I'm making this post today because tomokaku  and myself are getting pretty annoyed at having to repeat ourselves on the forum all the time.

Please DO NOT  join the forums unless you intend to join us as a fansubber. If you don't answer our PM's there we'll delete you.

If you are fishing for information you aren't going to get any there, we'll answer any questions you have if we can here in the community. If you do join with the intention of joining us in subbing the jdramas and jmovies we have announced please when you join, introduce yourself as soon as possible on the forum or to either one of us and we'll go from there.

We are still only really at this stage recruiting translators:
- Japanese to English (audio)
- Chinese to English (subtitles)
- Korean to English (subtitles)

Japanese needs to be translated from the audio, but Chinese and Korean for existing subtitles. Lyrics translators (Jap to Eng) are also welcome too.

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29 September 2008 @ 10:48 am
Welcome to the journal of Ikemen Subbing, a fansub group formed by tomokaku and resie_ness to sub pretty boy files: D-Boys, PureBOYS, Tenimyu cast.. Whatever we happen to find interesting :D

All entries will be f-locked. In order to view other entries join the community after reading the rules.

Since fansubbers don't grow on trees, we're always looking for more staff members. Currently we have a need for translators: Japanese (talk), Korean (subtitles) and Chinese (subtitles). Lyrics translators (Jap) are welcome too. You can contact us via the forums.
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