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Ikemen Subbing
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The fansub group was founded in Aug 2008 when resie_ness [DoReMii] and tomokaku [STORMY team sub] realized there are too many bishie videos unsubbed.
» Do not upload any of our videos to any streaming media site. Never!

» You take something = you leave a comment. Not too much to ask?

» While we cannot really control this, it'd be very nice if you asked permission before reposting our files.

» No, we don't share soft subs. Don't bother asking.

» We don't want our subs to be re-translated, so please don't ask.
More translators = more releases. Thus we are always hiring new translators. Japanese (talk), Korean (subtitles) and Chinese (subtitles). Lyrics translators (Jap) are welcome too. The group is still small thus we currently have no need for other positions.
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